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About Me

Born and raise in the heart of California’s Central Valley, Fresno has been the place I have called home for my whole life.  Hours from the beach, the mountains, Bay Area, and southern California puts me within reach many popular destination.  I love to take day trips to Yosemite; something I have down at least once a year my whole life.  Glacier Point in Yosemite is my number one most favorite spot on this planet.  I also enjoy camping and exploring other destination in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Trips to Pismo Beach and other location on California’s central coast are also on the list of place I like to spend my vacation time.
Computers are a big part in my life and I openly call myself a nerd, a geek, and even a dork.  I am currently the Network Administrator for a small business here in Fresno.  A business of 50 employees and over 75 desktops, laptops and servers keeps me busy.  Being a small business I do everything from putting toner in printers to spending a weekend night replacing network switches.  I pride myself on the systems and services that I have created to support the company’s needs.   With most of my computer skills going into maintaining systems at work I don’t do much side work anymore as I am always on call for work.  During office hours most of my time at the office is spent fixing issues before they become a problem, after hours I’ll be upgrading software and hardware.  I know that most in the IT profession tend to move away from hardware over time I still enjoy working with my hand inside of a computer case.
Education has helped me along the way to reach my goals.  I graduated from Bullard High School (Fresno Unified School District) & CART in 2005.  At CART I completed my Cisco A+/Server+ certification in the Telecommunication lab.  From high school I moved onto Fresno City College and got my Associate in Science (2 year degree) for Computer Information System.  I then transferred to California State University Fresno to complete my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with the Information Systems option.
Amateur Radio is a hobby that a thoroughly enjoy.   It is technical enough to keep my attention but at the same time can get me away from computers.  Though I prefer to rag chew I have been known to work contests.  I hold several VHF/UHF Contest awards for ARRLs SJV section.  Operating field day, skywarn, public race events, and amateur radio awareness day are also on my list.  I like to operate from my house, mobile, and portable.  When I go camping I often take a car battery, portable antennas and radios to pass the time.  My favorite mode would have to be side band and I enjoy playing around with D-Star.
Attending Church offers me an opportunity to use my God given talents and gift for the glory of His kingdom.  I am a member of The Bridge Evangelical Free Church of Fresno and have attended my whole life.  I currently run sound for the church’s 3rd service and offer my technical abilities when it comes to audio video equipment and computers.  If I’m not at home, work or school I’m at church volunteering my time.  I also like to go to Hume Lake Christian camps located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Fresno; God has a way of being able to speak to people there.