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Antenna Mounts Installed

Today I installed the Jeep TJ spare tire mount and windshield mount from Arizona Rocky Road and then order 2 MFJ-1414 antennas. I wanted to make sure everything check out with the mounts before I ordered antennas. The mounts I ordered come with 3/8-24 studs so that didn’t leave me with many VHF/UHF antenna options. At least if I ever want to do HF or CB I already have the mounts for it. In case you are wondering why I ordered two antennas the Icom IC-2828 has 1 RX port and 1 RX/TX port; the antenna mounted up front will be a secondary RX antenna. Having two RX antennas allows the radio to pick the best antenna to receive with; comes in handy when your driving around in the mountain on simplex. This is also why the two antennas are as fare apart as I could get them do they will both be getting different signal patterns.



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