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I am happy to announce the return of my forum.  Back before Facebook and MySpace my forum was a hive of activity.  I am bringing it back “because I can”™ and I wanted to do something with the domain.  Now to figure out what to do with Check it out & register:

3 day old moon


Today’s Project


Today’s project was to pull down all the antennas I left on my parents roof.

Moving in a few weeks.


In preparation to move in a few weeks the station is going into boxes.

1and1 PHP 5.4 and Sites hacked


Upgraded to PHP 5.4 and discovered all my sites took for ever to load.  I found out that all my sites had code injected into their theme files.  Once I removed the bad code from the header, footer, and index files everything started to work fine again. If you find this in your site files […]