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Category Archives: Amateur Radio

Today’s Project


Today’s project was to pull down all the antennas I left on my parents roof.

Moving in a few weeks.


In preparation to move in a few weeks the station is going into boxes.



I am now running on my iPhone and iPad so I can use my phones 3G connection to beacon my location to APRS-IS. This also allows me to send and receive APRS messages now; I have been using D-PRS but it is one way so no message support. I will still use K6USY on […]

E-Mail from PU2LEP


I posted this video on Saturday after making contact with PU2LEP.  Today I got an e-mail from Vaz the station’s operator. Hello Aaron I found the video on youtube, very cool good conditions of propagation in the contest If possible send this video for me to keep remembering Thanks for the QSO and Video 73 Vaz PU2LEP I think it is cool that he found the video on YouTube and was able to look up my e-mail.  Of course […]