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Category Archives: 03′ Jeep Wrangler

Microphone Extension


Needed to extended the microphone cable for the IC-2820 so I don’t have to deal with the cable coming up between my legs.  Also put tubing over some of the cables for a cleaner look.



Got the antennas (MFJ-1414) in tonight and installed them.  Did some testing and everything seams to be working.

Back Speakers


Glad the back speakers are directly replaceable and they didn’t take long to install.

Front Speakers


Because my Jeep’s OEM front speakers are a non standard size I had to make a modification to the adaptor plates I ordered. Took some time but I was able to get new 4×6 speakers installed.

12v DC


Just need to get some connectors tomorrow night and I’ll have power to the radio ready to go.