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I put a ring on it!


I popped the question yesterday up at Yosemite National Park.

Full Time


After a summer of working 32+hr weeks I have been promoted to full time. Thus ends having Thursdays off but I could not pass up the addition money. With a “Jeep” payment now and my need to move out by the end of the year it will be nice to still be able to save […]

Memorial Day 2011


Yosemite is always a good way to spend a Monday off from work.  This is the 2nd year in a row that I have taken a group to Yosemite on Memorial day.  This year was a smaller group but just as much fun.

One Month


It’s been one month and things are going good with Brittany.  On another note I am done with school and should have my fancy peace of paper once my last grade comes in.  Life has been keeping me busy but now that the summer has started I hope to be on the air more often.

Off the market


Her name is Brittany and after a few months of hanging out together I decided I should ask her out; so I did.