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Category Archives: Site Updates

Server Data Logs


Had to setup a script to download then upload these log pages back to the server but I now have an easy way to publicly show how much data my websites are using.  Not sure how often 1and1 regenerates the files but the server at my house will refresh the html files every 6 hours. […]

1and1 PHP5


I logged into my 1and1 control panel today to find an option they just added to control the version of PHP my websites are being processed with.  I found a way to change this setting a while back by adding a line to an .htaccess file in the root of my hosting space.  Nice to see that […]

WordPress Permalinks


I’m making a settings change to all my wordpress installs to remove “…/index.php/…” from the URLs of pages. Back when I used to host my site on windows and IIS I didn’t have a good way to do URL rewrites at the time (or I just didn’t spend the time to find out how to […]



I am now running on my iPhone and iPad so I can use my phones 3G connection to beacon my location to APRS-IS. This also allows me to send and receive APRS messages now; I have been using D-PRS but it is one way so no message support. I will still use K6USY on […]

February 2011 Update


Major changes going on around here. Finally had some time and motivation to make some updates to this site. Here is a quick list of what has been updated. New theme that has been sitting in the wings for months due to an IE8 support issue.  Added a live of code to the header that […]