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Category Archives: Technical Stuff

Kindle Fire Unboxing


So I got a kindle fire so my girlfriend would have something to use at school to check e-mail, watch video, and play games. Naturally I had it shipped to my office so I could play with it first and get it setup for her. Every time I use a Android based device I can […]



I had a friend ask me this on Facebook and my answer was so long I figured I might as well post it here as well. Question: What’s the difference between http and https and does the lack of “s” mean I can be hacked? Answer: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) HTTP […]

Torrent: iOS 4.3 GM 8F190


Install iOS 4.3 a week before Apple releases it to the public.  These firmwares are not locked down to developers. iPad1 iPhone3GS iPhone4 iPod3 iPod4 Update: Links removed now that iOS 4.3 is public and generally available.

Adobe Creative Suite 5


Called adobe after having activation issues installing CS5 on a windows 7 x64 computer connected to a Active Directory domain.  The solution: Uninstall CS5 Run the CS5 cleanup script from Shutdown the computer Unplug the network cable Turn on the computer and login as a local admin Install Adobe CS5 Connect network cable Log […]

OpenVPN Site-to-Site


OpenVPN is a great way to setup secure site-to-site links between networks on different subnets.  I recommend pfSense; it’s an open source FreeBSD based firewall OS that can run on embedded hardware (ALIX boards from PC Engines) or x86 hardware.  In our current setup our OpenVPN server is an x68 install of pfSense running as a VMware Appliance under VMware […]