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I am now running on my iPhone and iPad so I can use my phones 3G connection to beacon my location to APRS-IS. This also allows me to send and receive APRS messages now; I have been using D-PRS but it is one way so no message support. I will still use K6USY on my d-star radios, K6USY-9 on my iPhone and K6USY-8 on my iPad. It’s nice having one device that has all the parts needed to be an APRS beacon and without having to tie up a radio. Most of the time I wont have the app running but I can see my self using this on long trips so my family can track my location. Down side to this is having to rely on a 3G connection but most of the time this wont be an issue.

I updated the APRS page on the site with some additional links and information.  I’m thinking of other ways I can improve that page as there is not much to it.

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