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07-04-2012: Pismo

2012: Mississippi

01-02-2012: Pismo

10-15-2011: SF

07-30-2011: Yosemite

7-4-2011: Pismo

Six days at Pismo.

05-30-2011: Yosemite

23-05-2011: Sunset

03-19-2011: M^2

03-12-2011: Hume

02-21-2011: Sequoia

11-10-2010: A Day in the Life of Me

A typical Wednesday.

10-09-2010: Bike Event

Uneventful day.

08-07-2010: Camping

Sample Meadows - Mt. Tom Fire Lookout - Shaver Lake

07-05-2010: Pismo

Pismo Beach, CA

03-20-2010: M^2

03-23-2010: TW Colo

02-07-2010: Alesis M-EQ 230

Added an EQ to my setup.

02-06-2010: Server Cam

Setup my webcam at the office.

01-02-2010: Roof Update

Off to clean the roof; might as well take pictures.

12-30-2009: Around the office

The place of work... sometimes.

12-28-2009: Server Room Update

Old servers out; new servers in.

12-25-2009: Abi

Abi in the master control chair.

12-24-2009: Christmas

Look what my sisters made.

09-05-2009: Phoenix Radio Magic

Went to visit my girlfriend in AZ.

08-20-2009: New IC-2820

After the death of my IC-2720 I needed a new radio.

07-18-2009: Courtright

Camping trip to Courtright.

07-13-2009: Protable Setup

Setup for Courtright.

03-31-2009: Yosemite

Yosemite day trip.

02-22-2009: Prank

Prank by K6USY

02-09-2009: Server Room Update

More pictures from the server room at work.

01-10-2009: New 6m Antenna

Install an M^2 HO Loop

12-27-2008: Yosemite

Yosemite in December

12-21-2008: Room Update

Added a FT-100 to replace the IC-211.

11-29-2008: 4-Wheeling Day 2

Shaver Lake, CA

11-28-2008: 4-Wheeling Day 1

Shaver Lake, CA

11-09-2008: Marathon Event

Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon & Half

11-01-2008: OTR

OTR Net Control at the Control Point.

10-07-2008: Newsboys

Newsboys at the Fresno Fair

08-20-2008: Room Update

New desk

08-02-2008: HF antennas back up

Roof update.

4-10-2008: Server Room Update

My server room at work.

02-13-2008: IC-91AD / GPS Project

Garmin GPS unit connected for D-Star

1-28-2008: WB6JAY New Mic

WB6JAY's new Heil PR-781

1-28-2008: W6ALE New Radio

W6ALE's setup

1-25-2008: K6USY New Heil Microphone

My new Heil Pr-20 setup with boom stand and hand switch.

1-1-2008: WB6JAY New Radio

WB6JAY's new FT-2000D setup.

09-30-2007: Roof Update

TV antenna installed for digital TV.

09-22-2007: Bozo Control (KB6GFD)

KB6GFD's house.

09-20-2007: K6USY Room Update

New TS-570D.

07-31-2007: KI6CPN Antenna/Radio

KI6CPN's setup.

05-18-2007: K6USY In the shack

IC-706 in the shack.

2007: W6TO Field Day

K6USY, K6OSX, AE6SX, WB6VRJ at W6TO's 2007 Field Day

05-28-2007: W6VPS New Antenna/Tower

W6VPS's beam setup and new tower.

05-11-2007: K6USY Server Room

Server room at my office.

03-18-2007: K6USY Room Update

IC-730 and others.

01-18-2007: W7LCW New Radio

WL7CW's new FT-857D.

01-13-2007: OTR

OTR outing.

12-09-2006: K6USY New Antennas/Radio

Added IC-211 and A-99.

11-20-2006: K6USY New Mast

Replaced antenna mast with pushup poles.

10-11-2006: K6USY New Antenna

HF Dipole installed for RX with a IC-PCR-1000.

09-28-2006: K6USY Mobile Again

New car with old radios.

09-28-2006: K6USY at W6FSC

W6FSC station at CSU Fresno.

07-16-2006: K6USY Another Radio

Radio setup.

6-13-2006: K6USY New Room

New paint, new desk, new layout.

1-27-2006: K6TEL CART Antenna Site

Center for Advanced Research and Technology.

01-26-2006: K6USY Studio-B/Node/Antenna

First Echolink setup.

11-15-2005: K6USY New Antenna

Installed Ringo antenna.

11-14-2005: K6USY New Antenna at Night

Ringo antenna at night.

11-03-2005: K6USY World Map

New World map on wall.

10-24-2005: K6USY New Rig

New IC-V8000 installed.

6-19-2006: K6USY Antenna Installed

Beam and roter installed.

10-10-2005: WL7CW Equipment

WL7CW's old Fresno station setup.

9-13-2005: K6USY Mobile

My van.

8-27-2005: KG6YLA Antenna Install

KG6YLA's new antenna and install with me and KG6YLF.

6-16-2005: K6USY Antenna Install

First antenna to go on my parents roof.

6-11-2005: K6USY Future Antenna Site

The roof before I put antennas on it.