Trip to the Zoo with my wife and no kids.

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Backyard Portable

Tested running the IC-7300 portable from the backyard today and ended up working 3 POTA stations on 20m. Using 40m, 20m & 10m hamstick dipoles as a portable antenna setup until I can get something better.

Stacked 70cm HO Loops

Purchased this a few weeks ago and I was able to get it up on the roof this afternoon. This install included another run of LMR-400 with N connectors and an Alpha Delta 4 position switch. I am now moving onto antenna projects for the IC-7300.


After being licensed for 19 years I finally purchased my first new HF rig. The IC-7300 is currently setup for RX only until I get more antennas up. In the mean time I am playing with remote control over the USB port with a laptop until I have a permanent solution. Unlike the IC-9700 the… Continue reading IC-7300

Kingdoms of Asia

Checking out the new Kingdoms of Asia area at the Zoo.

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