6m HO Loop

Got up early this morning and installed my 6m HO Loop. This antenna has been off the air for more then 10 years; it is good to have it back up on a mast. This is the first antenna I can transmit on with my IC-7300. The next antenna will be a 10m vertical antenna.

El Capitan Climbers

Was passing through Yosemite for work and took my lunch break bellow El Capitan to watch the climbers for a bit. This pair was about halfway up the face.

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Reference Injection Board

Installed the Leo Bodnar Reference Injection Board in my IC-9700. This setup uses a GPS antenna I installed in my attic to inject a 49.152Mhz signal into the local oscillator of the radio and keep it locked. This keeps the radio from drifting due to temperature changes and keeps it on frequency.

Pismo Beach

Took some ham sticks and the IC-7300 to the beach for some portable operations.