Installed an A-99 this morning for 10 meters.

6m HO Loop

Got up early this morning and installed my 6m HO Loop. This antenna has been off the air for more then 10 years; it is good to have it back up on a mast. This is the first antenna I can transmit on with my IC-7300. The next antenna will be a 10m vertical antenna.

Reference Injection Board

Installed the Leo Bodnar Reference Injection Board in my IC-9700. This setup uses a GPS antenna I installed in my attic to inject a 49.152Mhz signal into the local oscillator of the radio and keep it locked. This keeps the radio from drifting due to temperature changes and keeps it on frequency.

Pismo Beach

Took some ham sticks and the IC-7300 to the beach for some portable operations.

Backyard Portable

Tested running the IC-7300 portable from the backyard today and ended up working 3 POTA stations on 20m. Using 40m, 20m & 10m hamstick dipoles as a portable antenna setup until I can get something better.

Stacked 70cm HO Loops

Purchased this a few weeks ago and I was able to get it up on the roof this afternoon. This install included another run of LMR-400 with N connectors and an Alpha Delta 4 position switch. I am now moving onto antenna projects for the IC-7300.


After being licensed for 19 years I finally purchased my first new HF rig. The IC-7300 is currently setup for RX only until I get more antennas up. In the mean time I am playing with remote control over the USB port with a laptop until I have a permanent solution. Unlike the IC-9700 the… Continue reading IC-7300

2M HO Loop

Installed coax B a few days ago in preparation for the 2m HO Loop I put up this morning.

2m Switch

Purchased an Alpha Delta DELTA-4B switch for the 2m side of my IC-9700 at the Visalia DX Convention over the weekend. For now the switch is just sitting between the radio and my triplexer/triband vertical antenna. This will allow me to install another coax run to the roof for a horizonal M2 2m HO Loop… Continue reading 2m Switch

Coax A

Coax A is a 40ft section of LMR-400 with N-type connectors. For testing I have it connected to a dual band Diamond X50A and one of my cheap handhelds. Long term the antenna will be replaced with a triband Diamond X6000A and the radio will be replaced with an Icom IC-9700.