Coax A

Coax A is a 40ft section of LMR-400 with N-type connectors. For testing I have it connected to a dual band Diamond X50A and one of my cheap handhelds. Long term the antenna will be replaced with a triband Diamond X6000A and the radio will be replaced with an Icom IC-9700A.

Mast Install

Installed 3 5ft masts on the side of my house for future antenna projects. Used a 10ft and a 5ft section of Unistrut bolted to the fascia and the supporting structure behind it. Temporarily installed my Diamond dual band antenna for testing with my cheap handheld.

Attic Exit

Working on the path coax will take from my radio closet to the roof. I was able to cut out the protective screen on the backside of this vent then I added some cable loom to soften the metal edge at the bottom of the vent. Next I added some explaining foam with a sticky… Continue reading Attic Exit

Shaver Lake

Took a drive up to Shaver Lake before another storm rolls into central California.

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Sierra Vista Scenic Byway

Took a drive up into the mountains to get out of the house and test the ID-5100 outside of civilization.

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Antenna Move

Due to interference from my engine on VHF I had to move the antenna mount to the back of the car and swap the antenna for a shorter more flexible model. The antenna clears my garage door by half an inch.

Sleeve Kit Install

Installed a sleeve kit that will support future coax runs to the roof. All the radios will be installed in the closet and operated remotely over my network or the internet.

Icom ID-5100A Install Part 1

Installed the antenna then ran the coax and the power cable through the firewall. The radio body is temporarily sitting on the floor in front of the passenger seat.