K-8325 Madera Side

Did a second POTA activation at K-8325 Millerton Lake State Recreation Area but this time I setup at the top of the boat ramp on the Madera side. This was a much better spot: open sky, repeater coverage, and cell service. These all made a big difference as I was able to communicate and spot… Continue reading K-8325 Madera Side

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23cm Beam

Added a run of LMR-600 and a 23cm beam to the roof. The antenna still needs some tweaking to get the SWR lower. I should be able to get back up to the roof in the next week to make some adjustments.


Using my modified Buddistick Pro and the Icom AH-705 tuner I now have a portable 40m setup. Adding a 32 inch arm bellow the coil in addition to the two 12 inch arms that come with the antenna and replacing the standard whip with a long telescopic whip greatly improves the bandwidth and SWR on… Continue reading AH-705

Coax Switches

This has been on my project list for some time but I needed to wait until I had most of my switches and the coax jumpers needed. I wanted to mount my coax switches on a board that was not attached to the wall so that it can be removed later without leaving holes in… Continue reading Coax Switches